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Need video editing? Hire me: cornermouse1@gmail.com



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[Creative Director & Founder]



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While non sidson content is the designation of this board it is heavily encouraged to use a sidson at least once in a thread.
There is no punishment for not doing that, but it is encouraged despite the nasid that you at least venerate our little siddy at least once.
If one were to ask “make this a sidson” you should try to at least be considerate to their request and attempt to convert your image into a sidsonian type character, though it's not necessary to do so.
This helps drive brand awareness, and helps jog creativity and interaction due to sidson’s carefully designed presence.

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Will drinking this give me knowledge of IV and ID?


the cost is to realize that you yourself,are IV'd.

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This safe horny accussations are retarded. I am into dommy mommy garbage, but some people take this crap too far like RespectElves and that makes me cringe.
I would rather play Duke Nukem Forever than listen to those retards.


Simply stop watching pornography.

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He told me so himself. He wants to befriend Jamie Kennedy.


So true. Also, Jamie Kennedy should play JFK


OP is gay. He told me so himself

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I like Vin, but sometimes his shit just sounds retarded, even when it's something we both agree on (it can sound like he is adding salt to the pain when not really needed).


That’s the power of friendship

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Tobuscus is the best.

8bitryan, Markiplier, iDubbbz, Peunguinz0, Turkey Tom and Illuminaughtii are for cowards.


Nugget biscuit nugget in a biscuit

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My Dream Spirit Dinner Conference Dream



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My motorcycle (My first post)


Very nice. Draw a sidson.

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>this person has hurt me so much and it has even caused me trauma, she deserves to die! send her all the death threats and harassment you want, the more the BETTER.
>her instagram is
>[redacted for privacy]
>Do reply with screenshots of what you sent to her!!
>Have fun!! ^__^

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