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At this moment it will redirect to the sidty but soon it will become the Sidty Speedy Social Station, a sort of Mastodon,Chudbuds,Twitter type website with far more to offer,such as a built in Photoshop system and thread noding. As of the moment we are simply sitting on this Domain but I promise to make it another quality addition to the Sidson.City brand


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Simply elegangant.
Intelligently designed.
Decadently pure.
Soulfully pure.
Ontologically asthetic.
Never IV'd.

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Your free trial is about to end
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Ok update,the ZPSC team are at a roadblock in assembling stripe,but don't worry we'll get it fixed up soon!

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>>185 also to make the kiwiclone

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I look and talk like this


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So do I


>Grooms teenagers on discord
Pfft he just pulled this out of his ass


His Orthodox belief stops him from grooming teens, but his Twitter side will boost his ignorance to say the least.

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https://twitter.com/Sidson_City/status/1660448444488491008?s=20 I NEED YOUR HELP TO GET A SIDSON WIKI ON THE INTERNET!


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I feel a strange sense of melancholy.
I always felt like Kuz was the immortal god emperor of Kolyma and the Sharty but he was really just a frail mortal like the rest of us. The leaks proving the soyteens justified in their criticism of him certainly doesn't help either. Oh, how heroes fall.


The sidty will rise from the sharty's ashes

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Sidson.city flag designs thread


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The Skyline is a bit too distracting,here's an alternative without


File: 1682022738760.png (260.03 KB, 1698x1000, Sidson city flag alt2.png)

Could use a colour
200 GET


File: 1682022960623.png (262.79 KB, 1698x1000, Sidson city flag alt2.png)



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The skyline is back due to demand


Due to the site getting DDOS'd I'm turning protection on, will probably take it off in a week or two

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Her adminfag. Why is this site still blocking Tor?

Please disable DNSBL. Torposters have to jump through hoops to get around it. It's a fucking annoyance.


File: 1680869515583.jpg (74.02 KB, 505x574, Chud sidson.jpg)

We're sorry,I'll get that sorted out soon! I think that's just a problem with the board system we are using.




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That is the Sidty promise ™️

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