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This is a containment board or /tv/,/co/,and /a/, type posting of shonen mangas and superhero comics and everything in between?
You don't like the MCU? cry about it here
Did CHADREN destroy your brain? Cry about it here.
Come in you filthy amigos!

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One of issues I have with anime and manga in general is that asian characters don't look asian enough because if we add white ones, it wouldn't make enough difference.


They’re like the Gollum of illustrations

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If they don't include that, than the game ain't 9/10

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Black people preparing to criticize the lack of seasoning in European Foods vs White people preparing their Black People Washing their Chicken tiktok compilation folders


I cried in Joy watching Black Adam yelling "IT'S BLACK ADAMIN' TIME!" and then eating High Evolutionary's face and then punching that dickhead on his face destroying his head.


They should’ve thrown him into the evo chamber for a reference to the comic’s distorted face


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Unofficial Official Sidty Kinnikuman thread. Discuss your favorite Chojin and the upcomming reboot.
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He is actually pretty cool. I am fan of the skeletal Dick Dastardly expy.



He's also /gassy/ pilled



This is a Sidson.City verified Not Shit! Japesnese animation

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As much as I want to see Snyderverse come back either as a comic or a mini-series, I think some ideas are better off unused like gods turning out to be Kryptonians and Superman getting cucked.
I like Snyder's ideas of how would Superman be like if he were realistic or how Batman was broken from Robin's death and redeemed himself later on, but executions were too flawed even without executive meddling. Especially with Luthor being annoying shit.

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"Dr. Han, I…"

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He's just like me

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File: 1678647960359-1.png (1.02 MB, 1200x675, OmniCulo vs Incredible Gas….PNG)

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>Omniculo:So Mr. Gassy,you’re just as “incredible” as they say,but wait’ll you get a whiff of this


–*earth shattering brap*–
>Incredible Gassy:nice rip,however there’s one thing you missed.
>However smelt it,delt it
–*IG’s colon inhales the fumes and shoots it on Omniculo*–
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What do Sidson's braps smell like?


Like computer oil

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