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Don’t kid yourself,mlp is on the way out. And that’s a good thing! But Bluey is talking it’s place at a terrifying speed. And it’s a literal Toddlershow! What we need more than ever is a force like barneyfag to wrangle this Aussie pups back where they came from. That’s why I’m starting the blueyfag initiative.
This May start out as a team but I need to find the ultimate Autismo super soldier of the keyboard to help out.
1.Must be autistic in some sort of a way.
2. Must be able to code,at least script kiddie style
3. Must have ALOT of free time
4. Must unironically DESPISE Bluey.
Otherwise,welcome to the team.


I agree, I wish I could be the Blueyfag but I don't care enough about it to do anything and I'm not an autist
May Sidson bless us with the Blueyfag sqqn…

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