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If you post oc,they will come.

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This is a board
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So true, sister!

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Don’t kid yourself,mlp is on the way out. And that’s a good thing! But Bluey is talking it’s place at a terrifying speed. And it’s a literal Toddlershow! What we need more than ever is a force like barneyfag to wrangle this Aussie pups back where they came from. That’s why I’m starting the blueyfag initiative.
This May start out as a team but I need to find the ultimate Autismo super soldier of the keyboard to help out.
1.Must be autistic in some sort of a way.
2. Must be able to code,at least script kiddie style
3. Must have ALOT of free time
4. Must unironically DESPISE Bluey.
Otherwise,welcome to the team.


I agree, I wish I could be the Blueyfag but I don't care enough about it to do anything and I'm not an autist
May Sidson bless us with the Blueyfag sqqn…

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Fluffy pony abuse thread
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come on guys

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I got blocked from posting on the 'unker


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Picture if you will,a board where these posts are tolerated and encouraged wait it already exist it's called
>>>/lee/ you stupid dumb dumb

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What is the connection between Lee and cheese? I know there is a thread on KF about him, but it is 300 pages long and there is no way I am getting the time back I would spend reading all of that.


He accidentally posted tracer's feet once and so the Lee baiters found some foot fetish Mlp comics to confuse and troll lee with. Turtellu was in it because the commissioner was autist and Turtelli said "it smells like cheese",thus the birth of cheeseposting. Also the grill cheese gif is just a coincidence becusse it was on derpibooru


Is Lee still active to our knowledge?


hes dead


nuh uh he's still alive.
especially in our hearts
and our stinky feets.


Bring out your most fetid cheese to bring him back from the grave.

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Incredible new 'toss

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cheese pics thread


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Based Turtelli

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a toast, to cheese





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