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World's greatest soyjak character guy based on Virtuosity,
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Here's a helpful guide to know the complexities of what makes a sidson a sidson instead of a soyjak. I feel sidson is an evolved form of soyjak as while sidson is jak in nature soyjak is not a sid. Sidson is like Apu to pepe or Gondola to pedobear. He is evolved. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_jw-XEsgOoQ


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Almost all sidsons wear the iconic suit and tie look (even the sheilas) but variations can come across for specific gimmicks and such. Takes these Tank girl sidson. Also I forgot to add the barred teeth


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no one wants to draw your wobbly jello oc


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Oh a lot of people do.


Who are you and why is your name significant enough to warrant displaying?


"ghoul" shares multiple letters with "goth"
Ruminate on that


That's Nasid. Make it a sidson.


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To the Ghoul type character,I had to delete your post as it was Nasid. PLease reupload it as a sidson.
Thank you.


Turkish nonces? In my Sidty?


I hate looking at him, but love to draw SID!!!!!
Also we should be able to stream kino straight from this site and we should have City movie nights.


That's a wonderful idea! Sidson.city/cineplex/ also,sidson's design follows a rich history of grotesque clowning ment to linger in your mind then to burst and fizzle like the jaks he evolved from!


It helps alot thank you!

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