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Welcome to /MaxZed/!
This plae is like /vt/ but for non Moe/Anime Vtubers. Like Max Headroom,David Zed,Den of Tools or the Annoying orange! Have fun discussing such digital Individuals such as PEETEY Patootie!
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Secondly,OC V-tubers are allowed aslong as they aren't directly weeby. https://twitter.com/funnygamedev/status/1603689467117649920?s=46&t=b-7CCuYvhREab0S6lcqZbg
Such like this and such.

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Annoying Orange General!


orange won forever


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Max Headroom and Mister Zed are SS tier

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I wish we had more non-anime vtubers. We have Chester and Honey Goblin, but they are just not really interesting for me.
I wish we had V-Tubers who look like POSTAL Dude, Colonel Rusty Blade, Serious Sam and Demoman.
Just imagine those vtubers giving that 2000s vibe!


First(Not a non anime vtuber)


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>hurr durr tranime
stop fucking impersonating admins furfag we know its you romania
I love this puritian heaven(Both of you should feel bad.)


Homestuck font

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